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British Government Endorses Special Sex Guidelines for Women With Penises

British Government Endorses Special Sex Guidelines for Women With Penises

A safe-sex guide endorsed by the British healthcare system urges women with penises to wear condoms when they have sex with other women. 

The booklet is called “Good Sex Is … For Women Who Have Sex With Women.” It is published by LGBT Youth Scotland with a stamp of approval from the National Health Service of Greater Glasgow and Clyde in Scotland.

When it comes to the majority of transgender women in the United Kingdom who retain their male genitalia, the guide advises, “if either you or your partner has a penis then you should always use a condom’ to avoid becoming pregnant.”

The guide is focused on a concept of “women.” But in keeping with the consensus on the identity-conscious left, it does not limit its target audience to people born female or even to lesbians. Rather, the publication is inclusive of anyone who identifies as female and chooses to have sex with other such people, even if only on a partial or fluid basis.

Anyone can have male genitalia

British LGBT and feminist activist Linda Bellos told the Daily Mail on Friday that it is “ludicrous” to suggest women have penises.

“This guide is not only foolish but as far as I’m concerned, it’s downright dangerous and anti-lesbian,” she said, echoing the sentiment of many feminists who are critical of the transgender rights movement. “It’s belittling our history that now men are claiming they are lesbians. If they are encouraging lesbians to have sex with men then, as far as I’m concerned, that is being heterosexual.”

A spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde told Mail: “Trans-women who may still have male genitalia or intersex people who may have genitalia that does not fit their self-defined identity do have relationships with other women.”

Transgender rights take Britain by storm

Like the United States, the United Kingdom has seen legal and social recognition of transgender identity increase rapidly in recent years. But transgender activists have argued that they still face many injustices, including when it comes to the government-run healthcare system.

Some have pushed to not just complicate the traditional male-female binary – but to entirely do away with the notion of biological sex. Gender identity would then reign supreme.

On Twitter, it has become commonplace to see the argument that there is nothing contradictory about the notion of a female penis. Anyone who believes otherwise is said to be a bigot.

Cover image: An illustrative image of a transgender woman. (Reddit)

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