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Gang Leader Dresses Up as Daughter to Try to Escape Prison – Leaves Her in His Place

Gang Leader Dresses Up as Daughter to Try to Escape Prison – Leaves Her in His Place

Video of a Brazilian gang leader attempting to fool authorities and escape prison by dressing up as his daughter was widely disseminated on social media on Monday.

Clauvino da Silva, also known as “Shorty,” planned to leave his 19-year-old daughter – who was visiting him on Saturday – inside the Rio de Janeiro prison where he was being held while he walked out the facility’s main entrance in her place, the Associated Press reported.

Silva’s scheme was foiled after prison officials noticed his nervousness, authorities told the AP on Sunday.

Rio’s State Secretary of Prison Administration released a video in which officers are seen uncovering Silva’s disguise piece by piece.

Officials told the AP that Silva is a high-ranking member of Red Command, a powerful Brazilian criminal organization that controls a significant portion of the drug trafficking trade in Rio.

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Silva has since been transferred to a maximum-security facility where he will face disciplinary measures, authorities said.

The reaction to the bizarre scheme from the Brazilian gang leader

The video showing Brazilian authorities removing Silva’s disguise sparked a flurry of reactions on social media.

In a sign of how few topics these days can escape ideological politicization, some commenters mockingly referenced the hot-button issue of transgender ideology in reacting to the footage.

In America the liberals woulda called it a transphobic attack and mass protests would have started demanding its freedom,” wrote one user.

Clearly he’s just struggling with an identity crisis, don’t be transphobic,” tweeted another.
Others made more overtly political allusions.
“Trump’s fault. Right,” wrote one commenter.
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