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Woman Pushes Back Against Jack-o’-Lantern ‘Blackface’ Controversy: ‘They Are Black Pumpkins, Idiots’

Woman Pushes Back Against Jack-o’-Lantern ‘Blackface’ Controversy: ‘They Are Black Pumpkins, Idiots’

A New York woman appeared to push back against political correctness during an interview with a local news station regarding a blackface controversy involving jack-o’-lanterns.

Bed Bath & Beyond announced this week it would stop selling black jack-o’-lanterns after complaints from Nyack residents were brought to its attention by News 12 Westchester.

According to News 12, some residents were concerned that the black jack-o’-lanterns, displayed out front of a local law office, were racially offensive.

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But at least one local woman seemed to think the controversy had been blown greatly out of proportion.

“They are pumpkins. Black pumpkins, idiots,” the woman said in an interview with News 12 aired on Monday. “That’s all there is.”

And the majority of social media users responding to News 12’s story on Twitter agreed.

“This is how lame we have become. Sucking any kind of fun out of everything. No sane person thought a thing except they looked cool with the orange and against the hay. Stupid,” one commenter wrote.

In the wake of the controversy, the Feerick, Nugent, MacCartney Law Offices took the pumpkins, which were purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, down less than two days after displaying them.

“We represent people of all colors and faiths, and we would never do anything to exclude anyone from any community,” a partner at the firm told News 12.

Local NAACP Director Wilbur Aldridge said the display showed an  “extreme lack of sensitivity.”

“By now I would believe everyone [would] know that anything in Black face is offensive,” Aldridge told News 12 in a statement.

According to News 12, Bed Bath & Beyond apologized and “immediately removed” the black jack-o’-lanterns after learning of the complaints. The company also said any offense was “unintentional.”

PC run amok?

Some argue that proponents of “woke” ideology have at times overreached in their efforts to eradicate racial offenses from the culture.

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Such critics of progressivism might point to the case of a racially conscious writer who earlier this year spoke out against a photograph of soot-covered miners in an Arizona restaurant, saying it reminded him of blackface.

In an op-ed about the harrowing experience published January in The Arizona Republic, Rashaad Thomas said the black-and-white photo ― apparently from World War I-era United Kingdom ― made him feel threatened as an African-American.

Cover image: A local Nyack woman is interviewed about a controversy over black jack-o’-lanterns. (Screen grab)

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