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Man Wants to Leave Web Cam Model $20,000 in His Will – But He Doesn’t Know Her Real Name

Man Wants to Leave Web Cam Model $20,000 in His Will – But He Doesn’t Know Her Real Name

An ailing British man wants to leave roughly $26,000 from his will to a web cam model he’s spoken to for a year. Just one problem – he doesn’t know the woman’s real name.

Thomas Weir, 50, is asking the public’s help in tracking down the glamour model – alias “Laura Jones” – he met on “Babestation,” a British TV sex line.

“I don’t want to get in touch with her, that’s not me,” the Milton Keynes resident told Brit tabloid the Sun, emphasizing that he is in no way a “stalker.”

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“I think she’ll spend the money wisely and she’s such a lovely person, she is a loon – very funny,” he said.

Weir, who has for years suffered from diabetes and had his lower right leg amputated, said he has no children and his nephews and nieces are all “doing very well.”

In a bid to find his online crush, Weir has provided distinguishing details:

He said “Laura” used to wear her hair in pigtails and apparently worked for Pumpkin Film Production, a company located east of Bristol.

Conceding that the model might have left the city and her profession by now, Weir told the Sun he hopes her family might still be in the area.

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An expert on legacy planning told the Sun that Weir won’t be able to fulfill his wish without a proper identification of “Laura.”

A spokesman for Babestation told the Sun that he could confirm Laura was one of the company’s models based out of Bristol.

“She does still work for Babestation but no longer from the Babestation Studios. We have been attempting to contact Laura, but have not had much luck,” he said.

“She must have her phone on silent,” the spokesman added.

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