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Screaming Antifa Activist Forced to Admit He Doesn’t Know Why He’s So Mad: I ‘Make S— Up’

Screaming Antifa Activist Forced to Admit He Doesn’t Know Why He’s So Mad: I ‘Make S— Up’

“Fuck you, Michael!”

An antifa protester upstaged a conservative blogger at Portland State University on Tuesday, but he ended up embarrassing himself in front of hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter.

Michael Strickland, who writes and produces YouTube videos aimed at highlighting the excesses of the political left, was slated to speak to College Republicans a Portland State University. However, a small group of anti-fascists prevented him from delivering the speech.

In a room set aside for the event on campus, the leftists chanted “Black lives matter!,” and the ringleader incessantly rang a cow bell and repeatedly shouted “Fuck you!”

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Despite Strickland’s requests for help, two police officers in the room took no action. University administrators were also on hand and did nothing to stop the harassment. An officer did step in once to stop conservatives from accosting the lead protester, a young bearded man.

“As far as I can tell, I’ve been totally successful,” the man declared. “I’ve shut this entire shit down, all by myself.”

Eventually, though, the activist spoke long enough to reveal his own dishonesty.

At one point, as he followed Strickland around the room ranting, he claimed there had recently been a spate of attacks on LGBT people.

“That’s been happening like for weeks now. There’s been people riding around in trucks. They’ve been rolling up on trans people, gay people. They end up attacking people. Is that your friend? Is that you that’s going around?” the protester said.

Strickland responded: “I stand for the civil rights of everybody.”

“Oh, you say that,” the protester said. “But last time you were here on campus, quite a few trans people got assaulted by people that came to your speech last time you were here on campus.”

Seemingly confused, Strickland said: “I don’t believe I’ve ever spoke on campus before.”

After turning away momentarily in apparent shame, the protester decided to just own up to being a liar.

“Oh, have you not? Oh, weird, that’s so weird. I wonder what gave me that source,” he said. “Oh, yeah, I just fucking made it up, ’cause I can make shit up if I want.”

A video of the exchange has been viewed nearly 700,000 times on Twitter. It was among a number of videos, photos, and tweets of the event posted Wednesday by Quillette editor Andy Ngo, who has lately been on a mission to expose made-up hate crimes.


With no one to stop them, the protestors lingered for more than an hour before leaving the room, at which point  the College Republicans belatedly start their meeting. “Black Lives Matter” and open borders flyers were later posted around campus, according to Ngo. Another sign said, “Michael Strickland is a violent fascist.”

Strickland had been invited to Portland State University to speak about a 2016 incident in which he brandished a firearm at a Black Lives Matter protest that he was filming. He was arrested on the scene and sentenced to 40 days in jail community service, probation, and fines.

On Thursday, Portland State University issued a statement saying that the campus officer at the College Republicans event had “used his professional judgement and determined not to threaten or restrain the individual so as not to escalate a potentially unsafe situation.”

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Posted by Portland State University on Thursday, March 7, 2019

Protests of conservative speakers on US college campuses have been commonplace. Administrators have been criticized for not taking a harder line against disruptive and in some cases physically aggressive students. Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has argued that the trend reflects a larger failure by US colleges to stand up for traditional liberal values like free speech, intellectual rigor, and tolerance.

Not only guest speakers who have been affected. In 2017, Evergreen College effectively allowed angry students to run evolutionary psychologist Bret Weinstein, a formerly beloved professor, off campus over his opposition to the Day of Absence, on which white faculty, students, and staff were instructed to stay home.

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Cover image: A young man protests a College Republicans event at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, on March 5, 2019. (Screen grab from Twitter)

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