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Alyssa Milano Responds to Backlash Over #SexStrike: I ‘Sparked a Powerful Response’

Alyssa Milano Responds to Backlash Over #SexStrike: I ‘Sparked a Powerful Response’

“Sure, it’s been a mixed reaction.”

Actress Alyssa Milano claimed victory Monday after her attempt to launch a #SexStrike to protest restrictions on abortion was met with mockery and derision.

In an op-ed for CNN, which Milano wrote with fellow activist Waleisah Wilson, she said the failed campaign had “sparked a powerful response.”

“Sure, it’s been a mixed reaction, but it got the country talking about the GOP’s undeniable war on women,” she said. “And let’s face it, with so much going on every day in the news, sometimes we need an extreme response to get national attention.”

Milano, 46, who helped launch the #MeToo movement in 2017, went on to complain about alleged Republican efforts to undermine Roe v. Wade, a landmark 1972 Supreme Court ruling that guaranteed access to abortion. She singled out for scorn the passage of laws in 16 states limiting access to the procedure.

“This flood of anti-abortion legislation is completely outrageous and an equally bold response is required,” she said. “A #SexStrike is another way for people who have the potential to get pregnant to call attention to this systematic onslaught and assert the power to change our own destinies.”

Milano then laid out her rationale for targeting men with sex deprivation, using language that could have been lifted from the “Handmaid’s Tale.”

“At its heart, these attempts to wield control over sex come from a desire to reassert total control over our bodies and our reproductive rights. But really, it’s about power. Whoever controls reproduction has power,” she said. “The stakes are extremely high, and a number of lawmakers, many of whom are men, get to make decisions with serious ramifications.”

Later, in a Twitter thread, Milano said that women could “fuck on” if they wanted. But she warned they risked ending up in prison.

Despite Milano’s positive gloss, her #SexStrike has been widely rejected since she rolled it out Friday on Twitter – complete with a ready made graphic and hashtag.

Conservative commentators pointed out the irony of the left embracing abstinence, among other apparent ideological contradictions.

Meanwhile, liberals accused Milano of sins such as denying female sexuality and excluding other identity groups that have sex with men, including gay biological men, gay transgender men, and heterosexual transgender women.

Milano made no effort in the op-ed to address her critics on the right, but she did indirectly address some of the left’s complaints.

On one hand, she embraced “intersectionality.”

“Abortion access is not just a ‘women’s issue.’ Abortion is a human rights issue. Abortion is a labor issue. Abortion is a public health issue. Abortion is an issue for people of all genders,” she said.

On the other hand, she clarified that she was seeking to punish only “straight, cisgender men so they may feel the physical consequences of our reproductive rights being systematically eliminated.”

Milano did not address the fact that pro-life advocates also include people of “all genders.’ Apparently, opposing abortion is enough to disqualify someone from inclusion and tolerance. Or maybe it’s just that such woke niceties must be set aside in the name of taking down “the patriarchy.”

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