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Feminist Alyssa Milano Comes Out as ‘Transgender’ and the Left Implodes

Feminist Alyssa Milano Comes Out as ‘Transgender’ and the Left Implodes

“She profits off our dehumanization.”

Alyssa Milano declared that she is transgender in a tweet Friday – causing an identity-politics meltdown among fellow liberal activists.

The 46-year-old actress who helped launch the #MeToo movement also claimed in the post to be a “person of color,” an immigrant, a lesbian, a gay man, and disabled. Milano tweeted the list of identities after celebrating her “trans sisters” on International Women’s Day.

A Twitter user named Kirk Brown had followed up by asking if she is transgender.

Despite Milano’s vaunted feminist status, many progressives were displeased with her appropriation of marginalized identities.

Milano quickly sought to explain herself with a quote by the ancient Persian thinker Rumi: “Whatever you love, you are.”

But it was too late for that.

George Johnson, an LGBT activist and writer, accused Milano of “oppression and erasure,” saying that being an “advocate’ isn’t the same as being a member of the community.

“You can’t just fake an experience you don’t have,” he said. “This is the ‘I don’t see color’ approach which is oppression and erasure.”

He followed up with a video explaining that “allies don’t use ‘I’ statements,” saying he isn’t even sure that allies even exist.

Native American activist Kelly Hayes said that her people had been warning “for a minute now” that Milano “profits off dehumanization.” The tweet was apparently a reference to the actress’s clothing line having created NFL Washington Redskin’s gear, which she then modeled.

Black Twitter activist Genie Lauren accused Milano of posing as Malcom X, and called her “awful.”

Usually left out of such outrages orgies, conservatives piled on.

Joy Villa, a singer and rare supporter of President Donald Trump in Hollywood, told Milano to stop being a hypocrite.

Blogger Michelle Malkin added “delusional” to Milano’s litany of identities.

Commentator Kurt Schlichter expressed awe at the entire political left.

Writer Matt Walsh was among a number of conservatives who parodied Milano’s offending tweet.

On Saturday Milano sought to make amends, saying she was glad to have started a “conversation” but sorry to have “offended some.” She also claimed to be identifying “with” and not “as.”

It is worth noting that actor James Woods once acknowledged Milano to be “disadvantaged,” hinting that he considered he mentally disabled.

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