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Ocasio-Cortez Loses It on Steve King – Says GOP Is Full of Secret Racists Like Him

Ocasio-Cortez Loses It on Steve King – Says GOP Is Full of Secret Racists Like Him

Rep. Steve King recommended his favorite Nazi death camp tour to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday, and she did not respond well. 

In response to King’s endorsement of an organized trip to Auschwitz, Poland, he took last year, the New York Democrat launched into a Twitter tirade on Sunday. She accused the Iowa Republican and an unspecific number of his fellow party members of being racists.

Ocasio-Cortez started by reminding King that the GOP took away his committee duties in January after he seemed to complain that “white supremacy” had become an offensive term.

“Mr. King, the Republican Party literally stripped you of our Congressional committee assignments because you were too racist even for them,” she tweeted.

The congresswoman went on to defend herself from the subtext of King’s tweet: that she could benefit from an Auschwitz tour because she last weekend absurdly compared U.S. migrant detention centers to Nazi concentration camps. She has since denied doing so, even as she has continued to implicitly make the comparison.

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“My Jewish constituents have made clear to me that they proudly stand w/ caged children who are starved, denied sleep & sanitation,” she tweeted Sunday. “Bye.”

In a follow-up tweet, Ocasio-Cortez recalled that when King went on the Auschwitz tour in question last August, he controversially took the opportunity to meet with members of a right-wing Austrian party that has a Nazi past.

“So I’m going to have to decline your invite,” she said. “But thank you for revealing to all how transparently the far-right manipulates these moments for political gain.”

Holding a grudge

In between unloading on King, Ocasio-Cortez made time to take a shot at Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming. Apparently still upset that Cheney called out her Nazi remarks last week, Ocasio-Cortez suggested she “come collect” King “before more members of your caucus start staying the quiet parts aloud.”

Ocasio-Cortez concluded her rant by proudly declaring: “I have absolutely zero patience for completely certified, card-carrying and flag-waving racists. None.”

“They can take their little tiki torches somewhere else,” she added.

It was unclear whether she was referring to King, Cheney or other unidentified GOP members.

Steve King is an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez type of Republican

With his long history of racist rhetoric and associations, King is a near-perfect foil for Ocasio-Cortez. Perhaps more than any other Republican, he lives up to her stereotype of the party as a bunch of racist white men.

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However, the GOP knows how to play the same game. Republicans have used Ocasio-Cortez’s divisive rhetoric to paint the entire Democratic Party as radical leftists.

As for whose caricature will prove the most deplorable to voters, only the 2020 election will tell.

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