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Ocasio-Cortez Sparks Liberal Frenzy After Leading ‘Queer Eye’ Star into Pelosi’s Office

Ocasio-Cortez Sparks Liberal Frenzy After Leading ‘Queer Eye’ Star into Pelosi’s Office

“Republicans are sweating as we speak.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., strolled hand-in-hand Thursday with a man wearing a skirt and pink top, sparking a flurry of reactions on social media.

The man in question was Jonathan Van Ness, hairstylist and one of the four members of Netflix makeover show “Queer Eye.” The “Queer Eye” cast was in Washington this week to advocate for the Equality Act, legislation aimed at expanding federal protections for LGBT individuals. Ocasio-Cortez was apparently leading him into Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office.


Twitter users gushed over the reality TV show star’s appearance with Ocasio-Cortez, a staunch advocate of LGBT rights who also happens to be an image-conscious, fashion-savvy millennial.

Amid an ongoing public debate about gender-fluidity and transgender identity, which is split largely along ideological lines, some commenters suggested the freshman congresswoman’s appearance with Van Ness was a political jab at Republicans.

Some users suggested using Van Ness to troll Republicans who have expressed anti-LGBT stances in the past. Presumably, the “Queer Eye” cast member’s mere presence would upset them. “Predictable. How about instead take him to Steve King, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney offices and make them VERY uncomfortable. That would be awesome,” the commenter tweeted.

“A woman in a power suit and a gay man in a skirt… Republicans are sweating as we speak,” wrote another commenter. However, despite liberal Twitter users’ insistence that Ocasio-Cortez’s silent endorsement of Van Ness’ queer identity would outrage conservatives, a survey of Twitter comments, thus far, shows little evidence of the right being triggered by the spectacle.

The overwhelming majority of comments were enthusiastic celebrations of the encounter.

One commenter saw the furor over Van Ness’ style as a damning indictment of the uncouthness of American society.

“I’ve been IN SAN FRANCISCO and had people freak out about fluid gender stereotypes…none so obvious as a loud clashing cardigan and dress on a bearded man. People just have to become a little more accepting of diversity,” they wrote, before tweeting that America is a country of “bumpkins.”

Ocasio-Cortez would likely not be counted amongst American yokels with purportedly regressive views on gender identity, inclusion and diversity. Her stances on the topics are decidedly woke.

In February, the New York congresswoman said “she will ‘never know the trauma’ of being a transgender individual during a podcast interview with “adversarial journalism” outlet, The Intercept.

“Almost every single person in this country can acknowledge some privilege of some type, you know? I’m a cisgendered woman,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “You know, I will never know the trauma of feeling like I’m not born in the right body. And that, that is a privilege that I have – no matter how poor my family was when I was born.”

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Leads Skirt-Wearing Man to Pelosi’s Office

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