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Immigration Activist Who Hates ‘Amerikkka’ Mounts Campaign to Avoid Deportation

Immigration Activist Who Hates ‘Amerikkka’ Mounts Campaign to Avoid Deportation

“It’s not enough for them, but white people can get away with whatever they do.”

Alejandra Pablos, a feminist immigration activist facing deportation to Mexico and who frequently speaks out against systemic racism in the United States, is now actively seeking a pardon from Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, which would allow her to remain in the country she has repeatedly characterized as “Amerikkka.”

Pablos vowed in a May 3 tweet, “Amerikkka YOU WILL NEVER GET TO DEPORT ME!”

The 33-year-old anti-capitalist reproductive rights activist and community organizer has variously critiqued the “white women wave of fake resistance,” the “loser” men who deny the patriarchy exists and “racist ass cops.” She has expressed a belief that women should be paid more than men, that police officers are murderers and proudly touted the multiple abortions she has obtained in four different circumstances with four different partners.

Pablos, who was born in Mexico and came to the United States as a baby, also has a criminal record, which includes DUI, aggravated DUI, endangerment and solicitation to possess a dangerous drug convictions.

In a March 28 podcast with “Cabronas y Chingonas,” Pablos revealed that she has two ongoing appeals pending in her case but that the outlook is “bleak.” She complained to “Cabronas y Chingonas” hosts Myte and Syntia that the Arizona clemency board is likely to deny her petition for a pardon “because of my abortion work,” or because of her belief that “the police are murderers” or because she’s “loud.”

This has not kept her from mounting a vigorous campaign, which she claimed during the podcast will require $50,0000 to fund, to remain in the U.S. A website,, has been established to support Pablos’ efforts to avoid deportation.

“By clicking, you are committing to join the lucha for my permanent protection. It will be your duty to see me to freedom,” reads a description on the site’s landing page.

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Pablos told Myte and Syntia that, despite her criminal history, she “didn’t do nothing wrong.”

“Everything I did has been right,” she said. “Like, I’m human. I get to fuck up. And I get to get up and move forward and rebuild myself. And I’ve done that. But according to that immigration judge December 11 my rehabilitation and transformation just wasn’t fucking enough. It’s not enough for them, but white people can get away with whatever they do.”

Last December, a federal judge in Tucson ordered the deportation of Pablos, citing her various criminal convictions from 2005 to 2010, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

Judge Thomas Michael O’Leary denied Pablos’ asylum request and a request made under an international convention against torture. Pablos had argued that her political activism would make her a target in Mexico, where abortion is mostly illegal.

O’Leary was unpersuaded. Nor was he convinced by Pablos’ claim that her offenses came during a tough time in her life when her best friend’s brother had committed suicide, she’d changed schools and fallen in with a bad crowd. O’Leary didn’t buy Pablos’ account of a “complete transformation” that led to her present-day political activism.

He said she had not reformed and that her criminal record was “deserved,” the Daily Star reported.

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