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Activists Warn That Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Is ‘Murderous’ Step Toward ‘Genocide’

Activists Warn That Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Is ‘Murderous’ Step Toward ‘Genocide’

“The Nazis won.”

The Supreme Court decided Tuesday to temporarily allow the enforcement of a Trump administration policy barring transgender people from serving in the military.

Progressives, and some conservatives, decried the policy as discriminatory. Some did so through reasoned and thoughtful disputations. Others took a more End of Days approach.

“With laws being written that advocate for the biological determination of transgender people’s genders and the Transgender Ban being passed, I confidently believe that some people are setting the foundation for genocide,” wrote Kat Blaque, a Los Angeles-based graphic designer and a transgender woman, in a widely shared tweet.

And she challenged skeptics to prove her wrong.

Blaque was not the only one to see this as the harbinger of fascism. Freelance writer Linda Tirado warned that the implementation of the ban portends the ongoing trudge of President Donald Trump’s “increasingly murderous government” across the Hitler Rubicon.

“The actual Nazis came for the trans folk first,” Tirado tweet-stormed. “That’s it. That’s all you need to know in order to understand what this is.”

Tirado assured her followers that this is not a breach of Goodwin’s Law (according to which an argument is lost the moment one invokes a Hitler comparison). It is merely “an acknowledgment [on Tirado’s part] that trans folk are the single most marginalized group in our society, which is itself some Nazi shit.”

Ergo, she said: “The Nazis won, a little bit, with this.”

For some progressives, protesting the ban posed a dilemma. On the one hand, they want to stand behind the victim group of this scenario: Transgender people wishing to join the US military. On the other, is not the military an evil in itself?

“I am anti war,” tweeted actress and activist Indya Moore. ‘However — banning trans people from serving in the military has nothing to do with my politics about war & everything to do with trans peoples ability to participate equally to cis het people in all areas of the government.”

For good measure, she added that she finds most of the country to be “unworthy of Sacrifice and service of trans people.”

Feeling a need to offer a similar throat clear was Raquel Willis, executive editor of Out Magazine.

To be fair, Willis and Moore aren’t wrong to notice that the passions stirred by the Supreme Court’s decision are not only heated and varied, but also sometimes contradictory. If the revived ban brings liberals’ distaste for American imperialism to crash against their support for trans recruits, it also measures conservatives’ hackneyed call for a large military against their concerns about the integration of soldiers who do not identify as their biological sex.

For whatever reason, the transgender debate has been turned in recent years into the junction of the culture wars. While for young progressives this is the newest civil rights frontier, for older-generation liberals it’s a distraction (if not a right-wing straw man). To many conservatives, the fight for transgender equality symbolizes an over-zealotry on the part of progressives to upend traditional social norms ― in this case, the very definition of men and women ― while expecting the rest of society to immediately and unquestioningly follow suit.

But for President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court’s decision and its aftermath just proves once again that inciting cultural brawls is his one indisputable, inimitable talent.

Cover image: Transgender activist and illustrator Kat Blaque. (Twitter/Kat Blaque)

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