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Transgender Woman Devastated After She Sees God – Learns She’s Made a Horrible Mistake

Transgender Woman Devastated After She Sees God – Learns She’s Made a Horrible Mistake

“Everything in this life has a purpose.”

Inspired by what he said was a divine revelation, a California man has spoken out about his journey to transgenderism and back.

Abiel Magaña sat down with Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo” for a video interview released Monday and revealed that after 20 years of living as a transgender woman, he wants to go back to being a man.

“Many things have been changing. I feel free,” Magaña told host ” Juan Jose Mendez.

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According to Magaña, a native of Michoacan, Mexico, he began taking estrogen to transition to female at age 18. His hormone treatment had the desired effect – hair stopped growing on his legs and face and his voice got deeper.

Still, Magaña recalled, his eight-year romantic relationship with a man was plagued by his inability to conceive a child.

“He would tell me I wasn’t a real woman,” he said of his partner.

Devastated by his partner’s words, Magaña turned to drugs, he said.


Magaña continued to live as a woman until last month, he said, when he had a life-changing “divine vision” in a dream. The experience led him back to religion and to his biological sex.

“Suddenly I found myself in a dark well falling to the bottom with other people,” he said. “And I tried to get up, but I couldn’t. I began to shout that Jesus was the only way out.”

“Everything in this life has a purpose,” he added.

For the past six weeks, Magaña has been sharing his female-to-male detransition with his followers on social media. He has chopped off his hair and shed his feminine wardrobe, which included an array of dresses, earrings, high heels and boots.

He has also been working out his chest muscles in an attempt to get rid of his breasts and is considering surgery to “reduce my breasts that grew,” he told “Al Rojo Vivo.”

Magaña said he’s open to one day starting a romantic relationship with a woman.

“Maybe one day, if God permits it, I will get married and have children,” he said. “I always put God first, before everything.”

According to “Al Rojo Vivo,” Magaña plans to legally change his sex back to male with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Shupe is not alone in regretting his transition. While good longterm data does not yet exist, experts and journalists have documented the phenomenon of “desistance” from transgenderism.

However, that has not stopped some transgender activists from trying to silence people like Magaña by accusing them of bigotry. Similar tactics have been used to censor other truths that are antithetical to the movement, including the reality of biological differences between men and men.

In response, an unlikely coalition of conservatives and feminists has formed to protect traditional gender distinctions in the name of social order and women’s safety.

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