7 Cigar Types Perfect For A Congratulatory Gift

7 Cigar Types Perfect For A Congratulatory Gift

Cigars are a perfect and timeless gift for either your friends or even family. It doesn’t matter whether they’re manufactured or hand-rolled or where they’re from. You can enjoy them together over a drink during a celebration or give it to them as a gift box after a party is over. Just like other common gifts like cufflinks, cigars are a great gift for big life celebrations, be it weddings or any other occasion. We’ve compiled a list of seven of the best cigars, considering the flavors, burn time, as well as other things.

Romeo y Julieta Vintage

It doesn’t get better than this classic cigar. This iconic manufacturer produces cigars with a perfect vintage blend. It was originally from Cuba, and then it moved to the Dominican Republic. It has an excellent reputation for making some of the best cigars around the world. The vintage cigar has a natural sweetness and notes of cedar and paper. All the flavors come from the blend of Mexican binder and Dominican tobacco, all wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade.

Bolivar Cofradia

This is yet another legacy brand that any cigar smoker who appreciates a more robust smoke wouldn’t resist. The quintessential Estelo Pedron created the. The Bolivar cigars from Honduras are made with tobacco from both Nicaragua and Honduras. It’s coated with a Connecticut binder and an Ecuador Sumatra leaf wrapper/ Connecticut Broadleaf. The bold, full-bodied smoke is achieved through the notes of earth and spice.

Rocky Patel The Edge

The Edge cigar from Rocky Patel isn’t a cigar anyone wants to miss out on. The manufacturer ensures quality in all of its cigars. Nicaragua and Honduras’s tobacco is dressed in a Cuban-seed Corojo wrapper with amazing flavors of black coffee and roasted nuts. It also has a slow burn so that you can savor all the flavors gradually.

Arturo Fuente Double Chateau

This family-owned brand is a well-known name in the cigar manufacturing industry. Anyone you gift the Fuente cigars will surely appreciate them. The cigars not only boast of great history linked to their name but also the silky-smooth taste it serves. Even those who have limited knowledge of cigars will enjoy it. It uses Dominican tobacco and a Connecticut shade wrapper. The cedar sleeve perfectly balances the mellow nutty and wood-forward notes.

Cohiba Connecticut

You’ll notice the sleek design of the cigar, which has class written all over it. It comes with a gold-framed label and a cream-white box. Cohiba is a big name in the cigar industry, having begun in Havana and then moving to the Dominican Republic. The cigars house tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Nicaragua, all finished with a Connecticut wrapper. It has notes of nut, cream, and goat, giving it a smooth and mellow flavor. This is the perfect gift; it’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to smoke.

Liberation by Hamlet

This is the greatest collaborating the cigar game was blessed with. The Liberation cigars are a product of a collaboration between Cuba’s Hamlet Paredes and Rocky Patel, made with tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua. The complex caramel, earthy, and pepper flavors are sealed by a Nicaraguan binder and an Ecuador Habano wrapper. The medium to full-body cigar is sweet and powerful.

Perdomo Champagne Noir

This is a classic congratulatory cigar; it even has champagne in its name. The Perdomo cigar is made with Nicaraguan tobacco that’s triple-fermented for fourteen months. To enhance the flavors, the cigar is aged for six months in oak bourbon barrels. This results in a smoke that’s medium and sweet with lots of flavor. Even if you aren’t sure about someone’s preference, the smoke that the person that you’ll be gifting prefers, the Perdomo Champagne Noir, will do the trick. It offers a smooth and tasteful experience.

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