4 Alcoholic Drinks That Pair Perfectly With Cigars

4 Alcoholic Drinks That Pair Perfectly With Cigars

If you are a fan of cigars, you know how good it feels to light up and take a puff of your favorite stogie. Whether you enjoy full-flavored cigars that pack a punch or prefer ones that are much milder, a good cigar can make any day feel that much better. However, once you pair your cigar with the perfect alcoholic beverage, you have a dynamic duo that can’t be beat. If you’re ready to do so, here are four of the top alcoholic beverages that pair perfectly with your cigars.


Yes, while some people are a bit hesitant to pair gin with their best cigars, others swear that once you do, you’ll be a fan for life. Considered to be an especially good alcoholic drink to pair with mild-flavored cigars such as Macanudo Cafe, most gin experts suggest you light up a Macanudo Cafe while also drinking a Tanqueray with soda and lime. Since gin has many subtle flavors, it can mix very well with your cigar.


Much like gin, some cigar smokers initially hesitate to pair vodka with their stogies. But once they do, they find a surprisingly wonderful combo that they can enjoy time after time. While most standard vodka has little if any flavor to it, many people are now turning to flavored vodkas to go with their cigars. To get the best results, it is suggested you try a subtle vanilla-flavored vodka such as Zubrowka with a Gran Habano #3.

Dark Rum

While some cigar smokers may initially hesitate at first before discovering the joys of gin and vodka, there is no hesitation whatsoever when it comes to pairing cigars of any kind with dark rum. Arguably the most popular alcoholic beverage to drink with cigars, dark rum has bittersweet and spicy flavors that blend beautifully with spicy cigars or even ones that are milder in flavor. As for which types of dark rum you should consume when smoking your cigar, experts suggest Bacardi Gold, Sailor Jerry, Myers Dark Rum, or Zacapa 23. As for the best type of cigar for your rum, try smoking a very spicy cigar such as Padron or Illusione.

Red Wines

Last but certainly not least, many types of red wines actually go quite well with a variety of cigars. While many cigar fans used to say that red wines tended to not have enough flavor to compensate for the cigar smoke, times and wines have changed. Nowadays, Spanish red wines are all the rage, since they are considered to have the flavoring and strength needed to work well with even the boldest of cigars. Along with the Spanish red wines, you may also want to try a robust Cabernet, Merlot, or Pinot, all of which get good reviews as well when paired with cigars. For the very best combo, try Garnacha de Fuego with a Revolucion Cameroon.

Now that you know the four best types of alcoholic drinks to pair with your cigars, it’s time to sit down and relax with your favorite stogie in one hand and your glass in the other. Whether you opt for gin, vodka, dark rum, or red wine, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. So put up your feet, strike a match, have a puff, and take a sip.

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