10 Features To Include When You Renovate Your Whole Home

Sometimes, there’s simply no other solution for bringing your home into the 21st century, than to renovate it completely, from top to bottom. While this is undoubtedly a significant investment, it can be well worth it financially if you’re planning to sell your home as soon as the work has been completed, in the near future. However, it will only be worth it if the work is carried out by a professional design and construction team, and if they include certain features desirable for modern homebuyer’s.

To help make sure you get the most out of your gut renovation, here are 10 popular home features to include:

  1. Double ovens

For larger homes with the capacity of hosting large numbers of people, a double oven is virtually a necessity. Making life so much easier, and looking stunning in a newly designed kitchen, double ovens are a fabulous investment and a highly popular feature for homebuyers who love to entertain, or who simply need more oven space to feed their growing family!

  1. Kitchen islands

No, we’re not talking about a sandy, tropical retreat in the middle of your kitchen! Rather, center islands are an increasingly popular feature in modern homes, and buyers are screaming out for them as they once yearned for peninsulas and breakfast bars.  

  1. Walk-in pantries

If you’ve got the extra square footage available in your kitchen for a walk-in pantry, having one built when you renovate your home is almost guaranteed to act as a significant draw for potential buyers. 

  1. Double vanities

This feature may not be essential to include when renovating your home (although some married couples may disagree!), but it’s without doubt a popular one, especially when they’re situated in a master bedroom with a private en-suite. 

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  1. Guest room at main level

Formal dining rooms are becoming an increasingly unpopular feature of modern homes, and instead, buyers are looking for guest bedrooms situated on the main floor of the home. This may well be out of consideration for senior relatives who come to stay or even move in with other, younger family members. 

  1. Mudrooms

Especially for buyers with children or pets (or both), mudrooms have become an extremely desirable feature of a home, and the more storage and surface space they can contain, so much the better for helping to declutter other areas in the home, and help homeowners maintain a certain degree of cleanliness. 

  1. Butler’s pantry

For homebuyers who enjoy entertaining on a regular basis, having a space commonly known as a butler’s pantry situated between the kitchen and dining or living area, is a must-have.

  1. A secluded backyard

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend big on landscaping your backyard, but making it as secluded and well-enclosed as possible with the help of fencing and shrubbery (or a combination of both), can give potential homebuyers the private outdoor space they crave.  

  1. Office nooks

While this space doesn’t have to be huge (hence the term ‘nook’), having it there in a convenient spot such as just off of the kitchen, or even in an unused loft, can help anyone who works from home or plans to, have a dedicated space to get their work done. 

  1. Showers with benches built-in

Buyers with young children may well be looking for a property with a family bathroom and tub, but for everybody else, shower stalls that are big enough to have a bench built-in – or walk-in showers if there’s enough space – are proving popularTo get started on renovating your home from ceiling to floor and turning it into a truly desirable and profitable property, reach out to a local construction company today. 

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